Is bolo dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend washing the bolo in the dishwasher, hand washing is suggested.

What is the quality of the bolo blade?

The blade is made of high grade steel, hardened to Rc-59 on the Rockwell test.

Can I order optional blades for bolo?

Yes! You can order 3 optional blades for bolo: the regular blade, the tenderizing blade and the pastry blade.

What colors does bolo come in?

We are considering many new colors for bolo! But for now it is available in green & white.

What is the size of bolo?

The handle is 160 mm wide x 105 mm high, the blade is 140 mm. round. The handle is made so you can easily hold it in your hand.

How much does bolo weigh?

The handle weights 120 grams and the blade is 80 grams, less than a tradition knife and bolo feels really light in your hand because of its ergonomic construction and design.

Is the grip cushioned?

The rear of the grip and the side walls are cushioned, the top front is not – designed for safety reasons, many samples were made and tested until we got to this exact design.

Are there covers for the extra blades?

The extra blades come in a case.

What is best place to use bolo?

bolo was designed to be used on flat surfaces, such as a cutting board, where you would use a traditional knife.

Can it cut meat like it does vegetables?

Yes bolo can slice or cube steak, chicken, porc and many more meats.  It’s a really great slicer for all your needs!

How will bolo be used for odd shaped fruit and foods such as raw broccoli?

Cutting large, chunky foods like a carrot or turnip is easy with bolo.   You can also press the brake and chop corn!

How will bolo be used for cutting large, chunky foods such as carrots or raw corn?

As long as the vegetable is the right height bolo will cut through it whole.  You can make full slices or even rings.

How about large vegetables like a bell pepper, potatoes or whole onion?

As long as the vegetable is the right height bolo will cut through it whole – you can make full slices or rings. Take a look at this video of a potato which is not higher than the height of bolo’s blade… if the potato was bigger you would cut it in half. Here is an example of a onion that was too large so it was cut in
half… and it easily slices, cuts into small pieces, then you can mince or dice